A few musings from St Kilda

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mr Bean goes to Church

I was going to put part of this in last week's sermon but the video was too dark. Here it is in full for Mr Bean addicts everywhere. Great performances here from Richard Briers and of course, Rowan Atkinson who plays both Mr Bean and reads the sermon!

The End of the Lemon

It was one of the great survivors. It survived blown head gaskets, broken cambelts and falling off exhaust manifolds. It was a car in the true tradition of the Vauxhall Frontera - badly made, unreliable, uncomfortable to ride in on normal roads and expensive to run. It was a true motoring lemon and it should have been scrapped on at least three occasions previously.

So why did I hang on to it? Apart from the fact that I couldn't sell it at anything other than the scrap value when it was still a runner, it was a fun car - great on rough roads, fantastic in mud and brilliant in the snow. But we don't get too much of any of that in Felixstowe!

The end came last week when the fuel pump went. It was the last straw and Whip Street Motors have taken it away to be recycled. Aaw, what a shame - not!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

John Cleese on Extremism

It's been a long time ....

It certainly has. I last posted on this blog in November. Actually, I'm only posting now because I'm waiting for a wasting machine to finish cycle. We're in Spain at the moment. It's a crisp morning before another hot sunny day - not bad for April. Pity because we have to fly home tomorrow. Such is life.

PS The Town Pastors in Felixstowe went out for their first night yesterday. Reports coming back are good. Thanks to all those who have supported and prayed for this project.