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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Scram Scammer!

I was phoned today by a guy wanting to tell me of a major problem that was happening to all Windows computers. Curious? I'm fairly well read on these things and hadn't heard anything. He assured me that my computer would be full of errors. Did I have it switched on? I sensed a large and smelly rat.

As it happens the computer was on so I quickly switched from Linux to Windows and he started his game and I started mine as ignorant punter. He took me to Event Manager and asked me to look at the items in it - were there any errors or warnings? In the first folder there were warnings. I looked at a few and they were all the same and actually of no consequence - all networked Windows computers show them by default and that's normal. In another there were errors - but were all "phantom" errors I could explain easily and there were no problems. "You see he said your computer is full of errors. It will crash sooner or later! However, if you pay us £54 a year, our Microsoft trained engineers will sort out all your problems 24/7." At that point I hung up on him fearing his nose might get so long he would do himself an injury.

Why do I post this? As a warning mostly. It's just a telephone version of the scam that pops up saying your computer is full of viruses. You then pay for a program that does little for viruses but supplies your data to crooks worldwide. This is a simpler scam than that. Someone provides you with telephone support to sort "problems" out with your computer - but they are actually non-problems. If you are really concerned about security on your computer, go to someone you know and trust, don't respond to emails or phone calls from people you've never heard of.