A few musings from St Kilda

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Cross

One of the twentieth century's most significant global Christian figures was Billy Graham.   His huge evangelistic crusades resulted in many thousands - millions maybe - of commitments or re-commitments to Christ.

That style of ministry seems passé these days, although the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association points out that what they now call "Arena Events" still command huge crowds.    The church in Britain may use this kind of events much less now, but they still result in many changed lives in other parts of the world.   Of course, Billy is now 96 and hasn't done a large scale event for some time.

I was invited to a BGEA leaders' evening recently and they used the opportunity to introduce what the ministry currently does and the way it has tried to move with the social changes that have occurred both in the USA and in Europe that have changed the way in which we communicate with one another.   They are heavily into course, internet and video evangelism as well as their traditional preaching activities, now headed by Franklin Graham.  In fact a year ago Billy felt that God had given him one last message for America.  How was he to get it out, being largely housebound these days?  He made a video which is below which has resulted in many coming to Christ.

Unsurprisingly, his last message is exactly the same as the many thousands of messages in  over 60 years of ministry and its called The Cross.   So here's an opportunity to see Billy in a different format from that you're used to; presenting an old and familiar message to a new generation.   Who says you're ever too old to tell people about Jesus?  It has now been made available in a UK version too (this is the US one) and I hope to show the DVD later in the year plus a few other bonus videos from the BGEA.